Terms and Conditions

Protego Services LLP (PSLLP) has been contracted and authorized to provide services to the students of Fountainhead School (managed by Fountainhead Education Trust). This undertaking specifies the terms and conditions applicable to parents as long as their ward is studying at Fountainhead School.

1.1 General Terms and Conditions

These are general terms and conditions that apply:

1.1.a. Parents are free to take any or all or no services / products.

1.1.b. There are common terms and conditions that apply to all the services as well as specific terms and conditions that apply for each service. Parents are required to sign this undertaking before the commencement of services.

1.1.c. These services / products will be provided only after the payment is made and the terms and conditions are agreed to by the parents. The charges for each service / product is determined by PSLLP and can change as and when required.

1.1.d. Protego reserves the rights to change the policy or Terms and Conditions of the services offered.

1.1.e. Whether you opt-in or out of any service offered, the school reserves the rights to design its time table irrespective of individual student choices of services.

1.1.f Protego Services has the right to make changes to any term and conditions given here on an ongoing basis. Any change made in the terms and conditions given here shall be updated on the Terms and Conditions page in the Protego Site.

1.1.g. While this undertaking is valid as long as your ward is studying at Fountainhead School, you will be required to agree to all the relevant terms and conditions electronically each time you make a payment for a Protego Service.

1.2 Payment Terms and Conditions

1.2.a. The payment terms and conditions and pricing will be revised on an annual basis 

1.2.b. GST on each service will be charged as per prevailing rules. If there are any changes in the  GST slab/rules the changes will be applicable as per the government guidelines.

1.2.c. GST (tax amount) will not be refunded once paid.

1.2.d. The service(s) will not be offered or started or is likely to be discontinued if the tuition fee or any other fees is outstanding now or in the future.

1.2.e. The payment will have to be done for the entire period even if parents opt for the services in the middle of the period.

1.3 Starting a service and Protego Card

1.3.a. To sign up for the service, visit enter student’s FSK ID and select the services you wish to take up and make the payment. Please note that without signing and submitting this undertaking, the services will not start even if payment has been made.

1.3.b. The Protego Services will not be able to take any payment requests into consideration except online payment via the Protego site.

1.3.c. Any Protego service will start only after one week of payment received. 

Both the payment and the undertaking submission has to be done before the protego card will be issued. Services will not start till both have been done.

1.3.d. It is mandatory to carry the Protego card everyday to avail any of the Protego Services including transport, lunch, holistic development programs etc.

1.3.e. A student who forgets/misplaces the Protego card will have to get an approval note from the Protego office for any service, until the card is found or a new card is issued.

1.3.f. Requests to avail any service (on a temporary or permanent basis) without presenting the Protego card or the approval note from the Protego Office shall not be entertained.

1.3.g. If parents avail a new service after the Protego card is issued, a minimum charge ₹100/- will be charged  to update the Protego card. Also, a new updated card will be issued only after the submission of the old card. (e.g: if a student opts for food and transport at the beginning of the year and later decides to opt-in for HDP, the updated card will be chargeable and will be handed over on the return of the old card). 

1.3.h. In case, a Protego Services card is misplaced/lost, parents will have to send an email to A new card will be issued at a minimum charge of Rs.100/.